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Olamide Olaitan Memorial Orphanage and Medicare Foundation was established in 2017. It is a charity organisation registered with the Osun State Government of Nigeria and with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to cater and care for orphans, motherless babies, abandoned children, internally displaced children and abused children. We will be collaborating with Government Institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations, Interested Private Group and individuals who are well disposed to partner with the Foundation to achieve its Vision.

Our History


How it all began...

Olamide Oblation Memorial Orphanage and Medicare Foundation was conceived by Mrs Iyabode Olaitan, a trained and registered nurse and midwife of almost four decades of experience. The establishment of the Home was in response to her observation, experience and passion for well being of infants and children.

With her years of experience in nursing and midwifery, Mrs Olaitan has seen new-born babies abandoned in the hospitals, managed babies dumped in waste-bins, toilets and outside of shops and stalls. She has nursed growing children who could not access full medical care, and who do not have a conducive environment where there talents, potentials and God-given abilities could be allowed to be expressed and be manifested fully nor were they exposed to appropriate and quality education because they were orphans and because of the circumstances of their birth. 

These experiences and the visions of Olamide, her promising daughter, who unfortunately went to be with the Lord in her prime age, just after her 10th birthday strengthened her resolve in the establishment of an orphanage. Olamide had consistently during her short life time discussed with mummy and daddy on needs and positive steps towards help and assistance for the less-privileged children.

The Establishment of Olamide Olaitan Memorial Orphanage and Medicare Foundation in 2017, brought to life the dreams of Olamide 20 years after her death. Volunteers in areas that will benefit and further develop the Orphanage and the Foundation are welcome.


Our Vision

To raise children who will love God and who will express sincere genuine love to the people around them.

Our Mission

To provide an environment where genuine and sincere love is shared and is expressed and where the fear and love of God and love for mankind will be the principle of bringing up and raising children and in their interacting with other people.

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